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We’ve always believed in music’s originals. The artists who stay true to themselves, using everything they are to tell us something new. In moments and across lifetimes, these are the voices that soar, light us up and bring us closer. These are the voices we’ll celebrate forever.

Great Music

There’s a lot of noise out there and it’s our job to make sure our artists’ voices are heard above it. From streaming and playlisting, to radio & TV, to every social media space you can think of, we’re plugged into all the channels through which our artists shape culture. Informed by cutting-edge data and insight, our global network moves as one to make our artists impossible to ignore.


Creating New Opportunities

Our artists are multi-faceted creators, with a vision that extends beyond music. We live at the intersection of gaming, film, fashion collabs, brand partnerships, merchandise, podcasts, digital collectibles, and unforgettable fan experiences; a universe of opportunity to connect with fans everywhere.